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2 years ago

Teens Now

On a recent trip to Antigua, Jen and I (fictitious name ) had the unforgettable experience that has changed my life completely. For years I asked to have sex with another man while I watched, what should happen on this occasion than ever. One morning, while the private beach, a storm came through (which only last about 30 minutes), forcing us back to our room, it was almost time to eat anyway. The room was on the ground floor to support the gardens with a walk and from the terrace. Although I realized takeoff through the patio doors was a few gardeners are still working and recovery when the heavy rain. Without saying anything, the woman who opened the patio doors and networks for easy to see that each step of their situation, in are not known yet, when we arrived I got on the bed and began to play a other. Soon she was fucking hot and wet and ready to go for me, you know what I did, occasionally looking out the patio teensnow door. teensnow Indeed, the gardener noticed it and took refuge under a tree No Side terrace teensnow with views out in really going on at the time and Jen liked the shit he was getting from me little by little. Just so you know, I am only of medium size, about 6 inches, but she had never complained about it. I told him he saw two gardeners, who said, "and that" it seems that it did. Wow I was very surprised and when I said I'll take a closer look they want, she agreed. I motioned to come, where both have. One of them was about 47 years or more, the other was, of course, his apprentice, and only a few hours 16. came and started the game with good Jens 36C tits, black with dirty hands everywhere. She did not move, but complained more than adjust their playing with her nipples. Little by little it was, sat in a chair beside the bed and left her there in a subordinate position with the arm above the head and legs spread wide showing her nice shaved wet pussy. the oldthe man got out teensnow and was soon teensnow the fingers with dirty hands and licked her pussy with massive tongue. She was loving it and the young man was sucking her nipples and caressing her naked body all over. The older man told the young guys to fuck her as he looked at me and said, "virgin" ( ie the child). I made a couple of condoms to them (they had many years ago and Jen vassectamy not take the pill. The older man just beat her out of my hands and said aggressively " sit and watch that. " Do not boy T ' have to say twice and at one point had his cock and pushed it toward her. was very long, teensnow about 8 inches, but as my slim. Later, Jen said she thought it would never stop. took the man older sucking and biting her nipples and then left his own tail, which was absolutely huge. was as great as the young, but much, much thicker. his head to one side, and immediately began to lick and suck them . propertyher hair, forced her to continue her throat gag. The young man began pumping in and out of her pussy for all he gave them a good relationship and a beautiful woman in her broken English and without warning shot his sperm inside her orgasm while ago Jen was. The old man pushed the young Jen to take a deep breath as he was not prepared for it. It seemed gallons flowed from her cunt sperm and the child was still rock hard. She cried more, please, more. There has been expected. The older man spread open her legs and put teensnow his teensnow huge cock just under your breath and it is called : " Oh my god damn. " was removed from his knees and opened as wide as could be given as far as he could. Complying with his muscular arms, he took it like a rag doll having orgasm after orgasm. Meanwhile, the girl was on the side of the face and forced his penis long and slender in the samer the mouth, which she instinctively sucked and cleaning. I was sitting in the chair just had this fantast
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